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Up-Close and Personal with Kathy Hartwell

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Choosing Jade Technologies to create your visualizations, you will be contacting Kathy because she is pretty awesome and well because she’s the sole proprietor. However, she has been subcontracting some other quite amazing CG artists to help with work overload and has a great relationship with these colleagues. So, whatever your project should require, she has the resources to create remarkable illustrations for your job.


With a diploma in Architectural Technology from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, Kathy began her career as a drafting ‘Monster’ in 1996.  She soon came to the realization that she enjoyed the hands on graphic presentation of Architecture more than designing and drafting. In the past 13 years she has continually gained more and more knowledge in the fascinating world of 3D Graphics and Visualization, and has turned Jade Technologies into the Architectural Graphics company that it is today.


Kathy has a love of the outdoors and enjoys playing most sports, but not really swimming. Volleyball and rock climbing are her favorites.
She enjoys a late night snack of crunchy cookies dunked into milk until they go soggy. Her actual name is just… Kathy.  Woodworking and creating crafts is a passion she doesn`t have enough time for.  She has a 13 year old son that is taller than her and has inherited her sarcastic but fun loving personality.

Midnight Snacker
Coffee lover
Sporty Spice
Cool Mom


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